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The company's main products include caustic soda, soda ash, sodium sulfide, sodium sulfate, and other chemical products. Factory level agent, factory direct supply, stable quality. The company has always adhered to the business philosophy of seeking market through brand, survival through quality, development through reputation, and winning customers through integrity. It has accumulated a good reputation and reputation in the industry, won the recognition and trust of customers, and has independent import and export rights. Its products are exported to Southeast Asia, West Africa, East Africa, Europe, and other places.

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Adopt imported raw materials, safety and environmental protection, and excellent quality

Five advantages support · Build brand strength

Integrating R&D/production/quality control/service guarantee


Stable quality, source control


The company is a first-class agent for chemical enterprises from major sources in chemical production areas such as Inner Mongolia, Shandong, and Tianjin, with no subcontractor links, controllable quality, and reasonable prices. Quality is the life of a company. In order to protect the interests of customers, the company has signed a strict quality assurance agreement with the factory, and has established an independent laboratory in the Yuanlong factory, which conducts inspections three times a day; In addition, the quality inspector conducts daily testing according to the number and batch of vehicles, and conducts sampling inspection again after receiving the goods, strictly controlling the product quality.

Stable quality, source control


Full guarantee of delivery and short shipping cycle


The chemical market is treacherous, with large fluctuations in material prices and rapid price changes; Our company invests a large amount of financial, material, and human resources to ensure delivery, maintaining hundreds of tons of conventional production inventory, which can guarantee the packing and shipping time in the first time, and enable customers to conduct on-site inspection, inspection, and inspection in the first time.

Full guarantee of delivery and short shipping cycle


Professional service team, no documentation concerns


① The company has established a professional after-sales service team with rich experience, with a clear division of labor and individual responsibilities; And sign after-sales guarantee agreements with customers. Each employee of the company receives regular work training, pays attention to details, and pays close attention to efficiency, so as to reassure customers and leaders; Solve problems such as quality, quantity, contamination, and delivery time of the goods to ensure that customers have no worries about the future.

② Custom packaging, custom pallets, free samples, and flexible payment methods are available.

Professional service team, no documentation concerns


Strong strength and legendary reputation


Company leaders are determined to forge ahead, pioneering and innovative, and dare to be the first; After 11 years of employment, the factory has vigorously supported development and obtained the most advantageous price for its main products. Its sales volume and sales volume are both at the leading level in the industry, winning the support and trust of new and old customers. With a high brand awareness, Yuanlong brand granulated caustic soda has become an industry benchmark. The company is committed to serving customers and friends with one mind and service foremost.

Strong strength and legendary reputation


Near port operation, better service


Our company is located in Huanghua, a famous chemical base in North China, on the coast of the Bohai Sea. It is only a hundred kilometers away from Tianjin Port, the largest port in the north, with convenient transportation and developed industry. Close to Hong Kong operation, convenient and accurate service for customers, making customers feel at ease.

Near port operation, better service

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